Frequently Asked Questions

Credit card pay/Check out?

All credit card transactions are SSL Secured and Encrypted on the Stripe, Inc. ecommerce billing platform.

How Are Ticket Winners Chosen?

Ticket winners are chosen by CelebraTube staff and are based on three criteria’s
1. Enthusiasm, Love, knowledge of the Celebrity

2. Reason Why You Would Love to See Your Favorite Celebrity

3. Video and Audio Clarity

How does a Fan post a Video?

Please navigate to the Fan Request page and click on the Send all video request here button. Simply drag and drop or upload your video request. We will forward the video to the chosen Celebrity and also post for public viewing. Please keep videos under 1 minute recording time for faster uploading.

How long after a video puchase does the Celebrity reply back?

Please allow 7-14 business days for Celebrity to reply back to a purchased fan request. Please keep request messages to maximum of 60 words. The Celebrity will record the video with your message and their personal touch. The finished video is emailed to the purchasers email address. A celebrity’s reply is not guaranteed.

Is CelebraTube affiliated with Google Inc. or YouTube?

No, CelebraTube is not affiliated with YouTube or Google Inc.

Privacy Policy?

We do not share email addresses, or any personal information with third parties.

Video Pricing

The current video price is set at market value but, a celebrity has the right to change the price for their videos.

What is our refund prolicy?

Refunds will be applied back to the purchasers credit card if no Celebrity reply/response after 14 business days. There is a .05% service/transaction fee per refund.